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Health and Beauty

The Meaning of Yoga at the Be A Better You event.

By Anette Shine - Yoga Expert

On Friday March 4th in the amazing little village of Dolceacqua, Italy, we shall explore various ways of how to "Be A Better You in Sweet 2016" from a yogic perspective. To reach this goal means to make some effort. Going within oneself…always deeper, in an intense, but joyful way which is bound to bring its fruits.

The effort must be two-sided: Focusing on improving yourself personally while at the same time being at some kind of “service” to others. Helping others is an important step in being a better you. The effort and joy consists of finding your personal “divine gifts” the natural “talents” you were born with and find a way to put them into practice for the benefit of the whole.

Are you aware of what YOUR birth gifts are and what you came here to contribute to your fellow human beings? Where can YOU make a difference? See the lack of it somewhere and fill it in, it’s such a satisfactory feeling and thing to do. Too many people hold themselves back because of fear of failure or are trapped in their own limited way of thinking. But how can you fail if you follow your intuition, your inner voice which always guides you in the right direction when you are in a calm and relaxed mode. By fear of failing in putting their own birth gifts into physical practice, many people “chicken out” and prefer to try to copy other people’s endeavours, other peoples success. This is a pity, because they do not live their own truth, and will not find satisfaction in the long run…One must be true to oneself and respect what I call the "divine order”.

That’s where the practice of yoga and meditation comes into your life to help you. Physical postures & movements will make you more confident, happy and courageous. Being in charge of your physical body is important when it comes to being a better you, but the mind must also be “tuned in” and this we can do with breathing and concentration exercises. The breath is the bridge between the body and the mind, so we shall explore various ways to calm the mind.

In yoga the mind is compared to a monkey, because it jumps around all the time “on its’ own” unless we deliberately calm it down with various techniques such as breathing and relaxation.

I look forward to meeting you personally in Dolceacqua, and look forward to sharing my knowledge with you. Yours in health & service, Anette Shine XXX

Be A Better You, on Friday 4th March in Dolceacqua - Be a part of it... See more

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Tuesday, 1 March 2016    Section: Health and Beauty    Author: Anette Shine
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