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Health and Beauty

5 Yoga Poses for Breast Cancer Recovery

By Fitness & Yoga expert Anette Shine

Over the years many women have discretely come to see me before a yoga class to let me know that they have been operated for breast cancer and are restricted in certain arm movements. I think these brave women deserve a special yoga program designed especially for them! Here are 5 poses to get started, which can easily be done at home.

“Modified Savasana”

1) When restarting your yoga practice, begin with poses that free up the shoulder area. Take a bolster (or several cushions) and place it/them under your shoulder blades to raise the chest and place a block or pillow under your head. Let your arms relax freely on the sides, totally let go and “melt" into the ground. Stay here and breathe deeply for as long as you like. Recharge yourself.

"Upavista konasana with rotating arm variation"

2) Sit yourself on the floor with legs apart and gently slide to one side with one arm as you lift the other arm up slowly.

Learn to move the shoulder girdle through its' full range of motion, as well as all the muscles around the arm bones. Explore the movement possibilities of this arm:

  • Elevate, flex, extend, rotate it in both directions. Discover your "new body”, and very patiently work through the challenges you meet on your way. Then change side and explore the other arm. Very often there is a huge difference between the two. Just be gentle on yourself and accept the situation as it is today, knowing that this can change as you practice regularly.

"Virabhadrasana 2  (“Warrior 2”)"

3) Find a low table or a bed/sofa side and make a wide stance between your feet. Turn one foot outward and the other foot a little “inward”. Bend the front leg as close to 90 degrees as possible and “sit” down so you feel supported. Now focus on your arms. Slowly lift them up to “heart level” away from each other and stretch them out as much as you can holding them up against gravity to build strength & stamina. Aim for 5 slow deep breaths before you change side.

Setubandhasana - a modified "bridge pose.”

4) Lie down on your back and place a block (or some fat books) under your sacrum bone to elevate your hips, internal organs and improve the circulation. This is a "breathing deeply pose" to calm yourself down, explore your emotions and overcome fatigue, fear and depression. Place one hand on your heart and the other on your plexus to connect with your soul. Close your eyes and really be there for yourself. Listen…

5) Seated meditation pose. Sit yourself down in a comfortable position, crossed legged if you can, in a place with fresh air, (ideally outside in nature) Close your eyes and breathe only through the nose as you recharge yourself with fresh prana (life force energy) Meditate to heal your body and mind. Make sure your self-talk is positive and optimistic so healing can occur faster. Pray. Visualise yourself healed for good. Feel the joy. Mentally give thanks for your healing. Sit with yourself for as long as you feel comfortable. Go beyond the physical situation and see everything from a higher prospective.

Laughing has been proved very effective to eliminate cancer cells, as well as maintaining a super “clean” diet…
May you be healed forever after, dear breast cancer survivor.

Blessings and a warm long hug from

Anette XXX &
+377 97 77 78 01 (Sunshine Yoga)

Publicity by Anna Fill - The Riviera Woman

Tuesday, 1 December 2015    Section: Health and Beauty    Author: Anette Shine
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