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People and Places

Maestro Massimo had a dream...

By Colleen Brown

Massimo Dal Prà had a dream and a belief in that dream—that there were sufficient talented musicians in the area to create a symphony orchestra in Bordighera. He shared his dream with Bordighera Mayor Giacomo Pallanca in 2013 and received the support of the city in partially funding his project, in collaboration with the Ali di Bambù Association which assists with administration of orchestra business.

Since its creation in 2014, the Bordighera Symphony Orchestra has performed 40 concerts, usually 6 per year, with a staff of musicians that can reach 40, depending on the needs of the proposed musical program. The orchestra’s repertoire ranges from symphonic to choral symphonic to symphonic rock, from lyric to film music. The orchestra’s musicians come from various cities in Italy and France.  In choosing the musicians for his orchestra, Maestro Massimo considers not only the candidate’s talent, but also the “fit” with his philosophy. He sees his role as fostering collaboration among the orchestra members, which to him means encouraging an atmosphere where members “listen to and respect the ideas of others, treat all members equally, and work in the interest of the music and not the individual”. 

“I am a servant for the music and the musicians and not vice versa” sums up Maestro Dal Prà’s view of his role and responsibility.

Indeed, the words “collaboration” and “encouragement” are heard frequently as he speaks, whether he is explaining how concert programs are developed, resolving technical performance issues, or facilitating relationships among the musicians. In discussing these relationships, the words “family” and “friends” are used often. Maestro Massimo describes the musicians as a close-knit group of people who are ready to help and support each other when needed—family….friends.

The Bordighera Orchestra also plays a role in teaching future musicians. Many of its members are also music instructors, and some of their young students are provided an opportunity to participate in their concert performances.

Bordighera Symphony Orchestra 1 January 2016

Maestro Dal Prà’s passion for music was inspired and encouraged by his father, who played accordion, and his mother, who loved dance. He began playing a toy accordion when he was 6 years old and at 14 began to study piano at a school of music in San Remo.  Since then, Maestro Massimo has compiled an impressive list of qualifications for his conductor role, including diplomas in Piano, Composition, Choral Music and Choir Conducting, Gregorian Chant, Orchestra Conducting and Symphonic Band Orchestration from the ‘G. Verdi’ Conservatory of Turin. He obtained a Degree of Academic Diploma in Composition with honors from the same institution. In addition to guest conducting orchestras in San Remo, Monte Carlo and Turin, he also plays chamber music with different group formations, including pieces of his own composition. Concurrent with his role as Conductor of the Bordighera Symphony Orchestra, he is a professor of Harmony and Analysis at the ‘L. Cherubini’ Conservatory in Florence.

Currently, the Bordighera Symphony Orchestra plays three winter concerts in January, February, and March at the Palazzo del Parco in Bordighera. Another three are held in July and August in the Giardini Löwe on Via Vittorio Veneto, Bordighera. The 2018 summer program is shown below. The number of concerts each year is determined by the municipality and its contributions, as well as the revenues generated through ticket sales, so become a patron and help to make more beautiful music in Bordighera

Bordighera Symphony Orchestra Concerts
Summer 2018
Massimo Dal Prà, Conductor
Giardini Löwe, Via Vittorio Veneto 54, Bordighera

Saturday, 21 July, 9:30 p.m.
Meeting with Jazz
Gershwin:  An American in Paris
Shotakovich:  Suite for Variety Orchestra

Saturday, 28 July, 9:30 p.m.
Spanish Music
Lecuona:  Andalucia
Rimsky-Korsakov:  Spanish Capriccio
Bizet:  Carmen Suite n. 1
Chabrier:  Espana

Saturday, 11 August, 9:30 p.m.
The Musicals
Loewe:  My Fair Lady
Bernstein:  West Side Story
Webber:  Jesus Christ Superstar
Gibb:  Grease

Tickets can be purchased beginning at 5:00 p.m. on concert day.              
Adults up to age 65: 12 €
Adults over 65: 10 €
Teens 12-18: 10 €
Children under 12:  Free

In case of rain or unfavorable weather, the concert venue will be changed to the Palazzo del Parco, Via Vittorio Emanuele 172, Bordighera.

Saturday, 30 June 2018    Section: People and Places
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