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People and Places

Fatiha's Kaftans

fatiha1Recently we featured Fumiko a Japanese designer passionate in wanting to preserve the tradition of Kimono making by introducing a western twist to her designs. This month the passion can be seen within Fatiha Hajjami-Jones. Moroccan born Fatiha lives in Monaco and has created a collection of kaftans that can only be described as 'exquisite'. The designs are contemporary and the variations of style and the look are never-ending.

The Kaftan has a history dating back as far as the 3rd century when it first appeared in North Africa. It's legacy has survived throughout time and it was in fact men who first wore them. These garments became a precious commodity and were rewarded as gifts during religious celebrations and depending on how elaborate, they represented affluence and influence.

It wasn't until the 18th century when the kaftan became fashionably worn by women and in Morocco, kaftans were indeed only worn by women. Nowadays the kaftan can be seen on the beech or in a ballroom and worn by man and woman. As a gown, the kaftan can grace any stupendous event and will certainly steal the show and turn heads.

To create a traditional kaftan, which resembles those of days gone by, the attention to detail is paramount. Fabrics were woven locally but they also came from Italy, China, India and Persia. To enhance the luxe in the garment, lace and intricate embroidery work using gold and silver yarn is used.

Fatiha's designs are ambitious with endless possibilities, flowing, flighty and flamboyant but owing to the nature and history of itsfatiha2 origin, it is still the distinguishable 'kaftan'.

It has to be said that the Kaftan is considered one of the most versatile garments to wear. Anytime and anywhere, the Kaftan will always find a welcome place.

Fatiha has also given her kaftans the feeling of regal supremacy. She has captured the essence of culture, class and couture. She wanted to guard and promote the traditional craftsmanship of her native Moroccan people and uses their knowledge and skills and products to accentuate her designs. It is very difficult not to fall in love with Fatiha's kaftans... her passion takes form in her creations and a feeling of deep history emanates from each kaftan. Her eyes lighten and dance at the thought of having to make yet another unique kaftan. If that is not passion... I don't know what is.

Fatiha works from her studio in Monaco, where she displays some of her collections and each kaftan can be made to suit your style and your occasion.

Hajjami Monte Carlo: Galarie Du Regina, 13 bd des Moulins, Mc98000, Monaco
Email:  Website:



Thursday, 19 August 2010    Section: People and Places
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