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Be Kind...

Be Kind...

Welcome to a new season, it's springtime, the clocks have gone forward and we are all looking forward to longer days and plenty of sunshine. It really is a lovely time of the year and perfect for reflecting on everything going on around us. One thing for sure is that we need to remember to be kind. First and foremost, we must be kind to ourselves and as we look around us, we must also be kind to our environment.

Taking good care of ourself is so important and making sure we fuel our bodies with nourishing and healthy food is paramount, along with plenty of exercise and fresh air to strengthen and clear the mind and body. We also need to be kind to the world we live in and to take care of our lands, seas and precious creatures that share our universe. There are so many little things that we all can do which will have such a positive impact and being eco-friendly will serve not just us now but future generations too.

Whether you have a garden or not, plant flowers and herbs to keep the bees buzzing. Be mindful of the produce and products you buy, choose organic and eco-friendly, so we have less waste.

It was such a pleasure meeting and speaking with Tatiana & Michael of Arbre et Riviere who have created a kind and ethical way to planning eco-friendly weddings. An exciting concept where wedding days are turned into unique and very special days, whilst still respecting the environment.

Also be kind to people around you - if you know of someone who may be their own, say hello... even a simple smile goes a long, long way!

| "In a world where you can be anything, be kind!" |

I always look forward to sharing all our features and articles with you and once again thank you to all our Riviera Women and men this month who are some of the kindest I know!

Alex Sutcliffe * Anette Shine *
* Celina Lafuente de Lavotha * 
Melanie Gulliver * Aileen Lane!


Tatiana Bellance & Michael Lacides, Patrizia Salles and Gianni Molaro

Be kind and Celebrate this April!

Interview with: Tatiana and Michael of Arbre et RIVIÈRE 

Wedding Days are special days and the trends are changing too. Many more couples are choosing alternative ways to celebrate their day in ways that are in keeping with their ethics, values and lifestyle. The Riviera Woman speaks with Tatiana and Michael about their philosophy and passion for creating eco-friendly weddings. Read interview

Featured Artist - Patrizia Salles: Voices from the Past

Patrizia Salles is an internationally known mosaic artist. Patrizia melds her many years of living and traveling in Europe and North Africa — six of those years spent in Rome — into a unique art style. The overlapping of techniques and materials in Patrizia’s work perfectly translate the overlapping of cultures, images and ideas not only within the Mediterranean, but globally. See more

People & Places: Gianni Molaro - The Wedding Dress Designer

Gianni Molaro is considered to be the most creative wedding dress designer. With three World Guinness Book of Record titles, he goes from strength to strength designing outstanding gowns using only the finest fabrics and jewels. The Riviera Woman is an absolute fan! Read more

Alex Sutcliffe: Decluttering People from your Life

Some of us are collectors of things, and some of us collect people. There comes a time when you have to reflect and consider quality over quantity and take on a 'less is more' approach. Alex Sutcliffe talks about decluttering people in order to live a better and kinder life. Read more

Aileen Lane: How to wear black or indeed any other colour

Fashion: Image consultant Aileen Lane has some useful fashion tips for women on how to wear colours that best suit your complexion and style. Wearing the right colours will immediately make you look more vibrant, alive and fabulous. Read more

Anette Shine: Be Kind to Yourself... with Yoga 

The best way to treat yourself, is to look after yourself. Finding that perfect harmony in mind and body should be a priority. Anette Shine lives and breathes yoga and knows that having a balanced lifestyle and time to reconnect with yourself is essential to healthy living. Read more

Celina Lafuente de Lavotha: Running for the Ocean

Over 400 women, men and children of all ages gathered in Menton for the Race for the Ocean organized by the Monegasque/French non-for-profit association The Animal Fund (TAF). The objective is to increase public awareness of the need to protect our ocean and its marine life and famous British long-distance runner, Paula Radcliffe, gave the official kick off and led the race... Read more

Health & Beauty: Bee Inspired, Bee Kind

We need to be kind to our bees. Small changes and taking little steps can make a great difference in protecting our population of bees. From planting bee-friendly flowers and plants to buying organic products will have a huge and positive impact. Read more


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