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Art and Artists

Olivia Brazier: Exhibition Frut Drawers

Olivia Brazier... a London based artist working predominantly in collage and painting. In her recent work and current exhibition Fruit Drawers she explores how the female body is objectified alongside consumable goods. Fruits and vegetables are used to describe intimate body parts, sometimes heard in sexual innuendos, and, women’s body shapes can even be compared to pome-fruits. In her recent series of works, nude forms are found engaging with images of foods from supermarket catalogues, blurring the line between hunger and sexual appetite. Fruit Peels, 2017

These works are mounted onto linear paintings, a playful language that Brazier often uses to map and gain understanding of her surroundings. In these works, each line takes on its own personality; lines flow together, bounce off of one another and sometimes entangle the subjects of the paintings trapping them in her world.

Selected paintings from her previous shows Tickle me Pink! and Colourflux will also be exhibited. Amusingly, the simplistic forms used in her linear language, become confusing through repetition and the chaos restores itself in a different format. Colour plays a significant role in these works. Working predominantly in acrylic on wood, Brazier chooses bright and playful hues to add energy to her work. Refreshing beams of colour react to one another and engage with the natural hues of the female form and fruits giving them food for thought!

She is a founder and a member of Your Beautiful Collective, a U.K based collective of four women working to create alternative spaces for artists to exhibit work within and outside of the contemporary art sphere.

Recent exhibitions include: ‘CurATE’, The Depot, London, U.K (2017); ‘Nasty Women’, Cross Street Arts, Wigan, U.K (2017); ‘Junk in the Trunk’, a traveling exhibition around London, U.K (2017); ‘BonArt’ Charity Exhibition, Monaco (2017), ‘Tickle Me Pink’, Hotel Novotel, Monaco (2017); ‘Colourflux’, La Turbie, France (2016); ‘Prince’s Trust Art Exhibition’, Darren Baker Gallery, U.K (2016); ‘Future Late’, Tate Modern, U.K (2016) and a four page spread in Arcane Magazine, Canada, (2016).

Sunday, 1 October 2017    Section: Art and Artists
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