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Moda Positano: with style...

Positano is the beautiful pituresque town that lies along the Amalfi coast in Southern Italy. It is synonymous with class, taste and la dolce vita. Fashion has always played a huge part in Italian culture and lifestyle and this is so evident in Positano. Tourists are attracted to the area not only to see the beautiful landscape, but to own a piece of Moda Positano.

Positano is legendary and has always attracted the fashionistas, the rich and the famous. Fashion designers were inspired to create beautiful clothing to complement the lifestyle, all encouraged by the surrounding vibrant natural colours and dramatic backdrop. The name Moda Positano has deep roots and a long history in the area. It may have strong ties with the late 1950s, but the town has been well reknowned since the 1800s for creating quality weaving cloth.

In fact in 1959, the bikini became the first fashion item made in Positano and it was quickly followed by beach dresses created from simple large white handkerchiefs. The trend continued with more light and colourful garmets being designed and more sophisticated dresses for day and evening wear were being designed and accessorised with stylish jewellery. This style, this moda has been embraced not only throughout Italy but globally too.


Blitz Moda

At the end of the 70s the Rispoli family opened a small workshop. Their creations were inspired by the past with light gauze fabrics and neo-romantics laces; the colours were those of their land. After more than thirty years, this style has evolved and adapted to the new and different demands of fashion, but always respecting the taste that distinguishes Moda Positano style in the world.

Today they prefer natural fabrics such as linen, silk and cotton enriched by precious embroideries and prints with the glam touch of sober and refined lines. Signora Antoinetta and her daughter Fabiana personally take care of the different lines that launch on time every season, appreciated and sold all over the world.

The Blitz Boutique in Positano is a company that combines solid elegance, taste and refinement; attentive to the trends, using innovative fabrics and coordinates them with special accessories which are all in full compliance with the MADE IN ITALY philosophy.

Rosetta Moda Positano

Rosetta founded Rosetta Moda Positano in 1967 so she could create her own collections and style using only the finest cotton and linen fabrics. Prior to this she worked from her home sewing and making bikinis and swimwear.

Passion is something shared by everyone in the fashion industry in Positano. The 'Boom' of Positano Fashion during the 70s and 80s gave recognition to Rosetta not only in Italy but thoughout Europe and the rest of the world because are attractive to the Positano Style.

The Positano Style is very particular and women wanting to feel special and unique, will be able to find an outfit that is personally suited to them. No matter what price range, the quality, fit and comfort of the garmets are never compromised. After 50 years Rosetta's passion and desire to create beautiful clothing is the same as the first day she started and now she is hoping to pass on her legend to her sons.

Moda Positano

Saturday, 1 July 2017    Section: Fashion
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