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10th June! Be A Better You in Sweet 2016

Talk About Town is back with, “Be A Better You”, with the focus being all about wellness. Our panel – see below – are specialists in naturopathy, essential oils, haircare and yoga fitness, a huge subject which we know will be of interest to you all.

Wellness is generally used to mean a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit that results in an overall feeling of well-being. It can be seen as a luxury pursuit for the more affluent societies, because it involves managing the body state after the basic needs of food, shelter and basic medical care have already been met. However, our focus is on living the best life we can and understanding how to balance the way we live with beneficial and simple lifestyle changes. Knowledge is key!

The event will be at the Bicknell Museum Library in Bordighera and the evening will end with a little healthy mingling.

The entrance fee is €10 and included is a raffle ticketwith prizes donated by our speakers:

  • 1. Consultation with Elizabeth Bright
    2. A bath salt and 5ml Lavender Essential Oil from Angela Collings
    3. 2 x Yoga Tickets at the Monte Carlo Bay with Anette Shine
    4. Hair treatment and styling with Bio Hair for 3 lucky people

Our Panel

Anna Fill is a born communicator and has always been passionate about giving people a voice. She created The Riviera Woman website as a platform to promote women living and working on the French and Italian Riviera. Anna studied theatre, music and drama. She spent over 3 years as a sports presenter with the BBC in London and then created her own entertainments company. Anna was UK’s first female mobile DJ and ran a local radio station serving the community in North London.

Presently, as well as The Riviera Woman and Talk About Town, Anna runs the expat group Britalia in Italy.

You can always email Anna at:

Elizabeth Bright was born in New York City and is now a practicing Naturopath and Osteopath in Sanremo. She learnt to understand the unity of body and mind, which informs her natural medicine treatment today. Elizabeth is author of the health manual, ReGeneration-X, the Science of Aging Backward, and she is the Naturopath regularlytalks about health issues for women, on the program Mi Presento, Sono Donna. At the event Elizabeth will talk about how best to fuel our bodies. More

Angela Collings is from Switzerland. Following a career as a nurse and Yacht Captain, Angela found her passion for Essential Oils during her pregnancy with her first child. She uses the Oils and Products every day and wants to share her passion and show the importance and benefits of using pure top quality Essential Oils and chemical free Products. More

Anette Shine was born in Denmark and has been in Monaco for over 20 years. Anette created her company Sunshine Yoga Monte Carlo in order to radiate perfect harmony through yoga and to help you empower life to the fullest. Anette is constantly featured on The Riviera Woman. Anette will talk about the importance of yoga and demonstrate some easy moves that everyone can do. More

Team Bio Hair are Christian, Flavio & Morena. They are professional hair stylists and makeup artists at the hair salon ‘Bio Hair’ in Ventimiglia. Christian is also qualified in Ayurvedic therapy. They focus on promoting bio hair products and will give a demonstration on how to make your hair look good in a short time. More

Stefania Nocito will be joining Team Bio Hair to give a brief introduction into the world of Bach Flowers. Stefania has also given some wonderful flavoured teas for us to taste after the presentations.

The Event is being held as part of the Bicknell Museum Group initiatives to raise the profile of the Clarence Bicknell legacy.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016    Section: Events
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