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General Articles

The benefits of taking yoga outside

By fitness & yoga expert Anette Shine

Spending time outside is critical for our physical, mental & energetic health. Why not make the most of both worlds by practicing yoga outside and enjoy the benefits?

Planet earth under your feet is truly “grounding”, fresh oxygen, (known as “prana" in sanskrit) to revitalise & strengthen you on every level, rays of light bringing your skin vital vitamin, an immense blue sky, and birds humming a tune are all vital forces and elements that people need to stay healthy and balanced.

Practicing yoga outside is an effective way to become whole. The vast nature and the miracle that Mother Earth is puts everything into perspective: we forget our "little selves” and release the pettiness and business of our minds. We simply feel gratitude for the grandeur of life! It’s a natural energy booster, a natural “high” - the closest we can get to God. Outside we automatically and completely digital detox and unplug from man-made electronic vibrations that exist when when we practice yoga inside. Outside we plug into natures natural healing energy and strengthen our immune systems optimally. As we soak up natural electrons directly from the earth we find balance & harmony on every level.

The outdoors is literally pulsing with life force: PRANA! As you breathe in sync with the waves you sense a connection to the universe that is at once soothing and uplifting. When life becomes too dramatic, learning to stand still on one leg like a tree is the best medicine of all. What better drishti (focus point) than having a real tree as your gazing spot? It’s a real privilege! When we practice yoga outside in nature we literally return to where we came from: Mother Earth. We return home. Home to our highest self; it will boost your mood and transform you.

Ishvara Pranidhana (sanskrit) means "surrender to God” and this is exactly how I feel especially when I take my yoga classes outside at the Monte-Carlo Bay. The new Sunshine season is here. We would love to have you in our outdoor classes so you can test it out for yourself.

Spring blessings for a fresh, new beginning!

Yours in Yoga, Anette XXX

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Friday, 1 April 2016    Section: General Articles    Author: Anette Shine
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