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Health and Beauty

How to open your heart chakra for Valentine’s

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and whether you are single or a couple Valentine’s is about celebrating LOVE, not just relationships. It’s about appreciating the love EVERYWHERE in your life, also the little details.

As kind and compassionate human beings we must live our lives with an open heart, despite life’ challenges and sometimes unpleasant surprises. Often we find a wall boarded up so firmly that nothing can get in, and not much can get out. I believe that in the center of everybody’s heart is a beautiful flow of light, love and energy waiting to surface and swell. In order to open it up and let it out we must practice kindness, respect, acceptance and joy. We must embrace all our emotions and recognise each of them as beautiful.

On the physical plane we can “exercise” this area so we can open our heart chakra ANAHATA and feel TOTALLY ALIVE.

Here are 3 asanas (postures) that you can do:

1) Ustrasana = The Camel. Come down on your knees, tuck the toes under and catch your heals, one at a time, leaning back. If your neck allow it, drop your head all the way back. Otherwise you can look up or forward instead. Breathe deeply into your heart and surrender. Stay as long as you can, come out and take a break in child’s pose. Then do it again, it’s easier the second time.


2) Matsyasana = The fish pose. Lie down on your back and bring your arms under your body. Sit on your wrists and arch your upper back as much as possible, by pressing the elbows into the ground. Again surrender and breathe deeply into your heart. It feels SO good to open up and let go!


3) Lie down on your back and place one hand on your heart and the other on your belly. This is the source of emotion. Just inhale and exhale thinking about the gratitude and empathy you feel for the people in your life - even the ones you dislike.
Inhale positivity; exhale heavy energy for 10 minutes. Then notice how light your heart chakra feels.

As always, end your practice with gratitude: smile, laugh and cry with joy - for you are alive!

Love always,
Anette XXX

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Monday, 1 February 2016    Section: Health and Beauty    Author: Anette Shine
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