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Food and Recipes

Eco Shopping - Day by Day

A new way to buy your groceries is catching on in France. Day By Day is a young chain of shops that support zero waste. It woud appear that we are returning to times gone by, when we bought what we needed, when we needed it. Now this quaint concept is making a big comeback.

Day by Day has 6 stores; Bordeaux, Fontenay-Le-Fleury, Lille, Meudon, Nantes, Versailles. It was at the Zero Waste France conference in Paris earlier this year that this business initiative was announced by its President, Didier Onraita. He presented his aim to create the bulk buying grocery concept which could be sustainable and without any compromise to quality.

At a Day by Day store there are around 450 food items to choose from and you can buy as much or as little as you need. The only thing you are required to do, is to bring your own containers or use those donated by other shoppers for re-use. This is where everyone saves money. The products that are sold are your typical everyday goodies; such as pasta, biscuits, oil, sweets, spices, pulses and much much more. See here.

This is a jaw-dropping, eye opening, goody shop and every town should have one! If you think you could invest in a eco-friendly business, perhaps Day by Day is for you. See here.

What is exciting here is that food waste is minimal or at the very least, reduced and experimenting with new products and recipes will be so much easier. Vive le Vrac!


Thursday, 1 October 2015    Section: Food and Recipes
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