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AWREY - 2014 Awards in Monaco

Nominated and Winner: Anna Fill

ABOUT ARWEY: The American Riviera Women Enterpreneur of The Year Awards - Celebrating women change agents globally.

Circle of Light - Acknowledging the "torch bearers" in communities. This is a recognition of dynamic women who have had big impact in their respective communities. The Circle of Light serves as a public acknowledgement and shines a light on the contribution that these distinguished women have made in their communities.

Their accomplishments vary from successful entrepreneurs to community leaders. The common thread that connects these women is their commitment to make a difference in the world. They are often philanthropic and support worthwhile charitable causes and many volunteer their time selflessly.


The American Riviera Woman Entrepreneur of The Year Awards was a heart  and soul calling of the founder, Tia Walker who for over 20 years has traveled the entrepreneurial path. "I felt a deep desire to acknowledge women who are committed to changing their communities and the planet. I was inspired as I traveled the globe and met women entrepreneurs who are so passionate about the work that they do and their desire to give back to their communities. I don't think we acknowledge each other enough. The recognition I want to foster leaves ego at the door and is about honoring all that was risked by these women to step boldly forward for what they believe in."

The ARWEY Awards are more than an acknowledgment, they are a forum for conversation and sharing of insights, wisdom and co-creating a path forward that supports the economic empowerment of women throughout the globe.  ARWEY sponsored events and gatherings are a direct link to women leaders with a philanthropic commitment to creating positive impact in communities. We support microlending, mentorships and training for emerging women business owners.

You can join us for this special occasion. Click HERE for more details.

Friday, 23 May 2014    Section: Events
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