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3 Keys to Make Your Wedding Cermony Special

Couples and their guests often comment that their wedding has been the best they have ever attended. What makes the difference? Each ceremony is personalized for the couple. It is their day.

Here are the three main keys that can make your ceremony truly special and memorable.

1. Write your own Vows.

Vows are the sincere commitments and agreements you make to each other.

The promises you make need to be meaningful for you. For example, if you think about the times that life is stressful you may choose promises that will expand your love at those difficult moments. Stress can put love under strain, but it does not have to.

Your marriage can thrive with the strengths and qualities you share to support each other. Even when meeting the challenges of job change, relocation or problems with children, your love can grow.

What are those strengths and qualities? Will you need to be more patient, forgiving, tolerant? Or more flexible, and less needing to control the outcomes? Could you learn to be more accepting and positive?

2. Exchange Declarations of Love.

Declarations of love can be humorous, anecdotal, light-hearted and reflect on those moments when you realized he or she was the one for you. The expression of your love for each other with a Declaration will show your guests just why you are choosing to tie the knot with your beloved.

What is special about your loved one? What do they do or say that most touches you? How do they share their love with you that awakens your heart? What made you choose this one? What occurred in the past that convinced you of the love you share?

Near the beginning of your ceremony, declarations of love can set the scene for your service.

3. Set an Intention for Your Wedding Ceremony.

How do you want to experience your ceremony? How will you be feeling after the ceremony, when you walk down the aisle as Mr. and Mrs.? How will your guests be feeling? Will you be seeing tears of joy? Will you be hearing laughter and their applause? If your wedding could be the very best you could ever imagine, how would that be for you?

As you set your intention, you will sow a seed for the outcome you wish to take place. An intention is powerful, in my experience. As a celebrant, when I ask a couple to tell me their intention, it assists me to create the ceremony of their dreams. I know what they want that will make it special for them.

More than that, an intention will guide you towards making the choices that will fulfill it -- from music, to readings, to symbolic exchanges, to seating arrangements.

Remember that there is no one else quite like you, or your loved one. Your partnership is unique. Your wedding ceremony can reflect the special love that you share.

How did you make your wedding ceremony special? I would love to know. Please drop me a line at

Thursday, 29 August 2013    Section: People and Places    Author: Anne Naylor
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