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Colour Me Happy


Here on the Riviera we are so lucky to have had so much sun already. We've all dug out our last year's summer wardrobe. Well, I've found what appears to be a randon selection of unmatching items. What was I thinking last year?

I've never been to Ascot and don't know one end of a horse from another, but I always try to watch the first few minutes of Ladies Day on tv to see all the vibrant summer colours, daring dresses and, of course, the amazing confection of hats. I was not disappointed, even the Royal family had summer fever. The Queen in lively yellow and Princess Anne in an amazing shade of orange.

There were brilliant flashes of colour bobbing around, a wonderful contrast to all the dashing men in their prescriptive black. Yet, the men  too are starting to compete  with outrageous neckties, many matching their partner's peacock colours.

Let's celebrate with splashes of colour combinations.

Be Bold.

Hot pink & orange,
although close together on the colourwheel, they make perfect summer partners. Great for beachwear or flamboyant evenings out.

Light blue and burgundy
Mix Mediterranean sea blue with romantic burgundy for colourful sophistication

Grey, brown and aqua
May seem a crazy combination but it works really well in bright sunlight.

If these are too dramatic, choose more subtle effects with powdery tints; blush, lilac, rose, cream ... and a hint of navy blue.

Or go for sun-drenched landscapes, think of a sun dappled piazza; pebble, pistachio, sky blue and to liven up a flash of tangerine.

Maybe you'd like the uncomplicated look of fresh colours, predicatble yet classy ; blue, green, seal brown, daisy yellow.

And then, of course, there's white...

check out Gok Wan's Look Good with Summer Clothes On short film to give you some ideas for your colours and shape.

Sunday, 28 June 2009    Section: General Articles
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