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General Articles

My Musical Journey Part 3 - To PC or Not to PC...

...That is the question!

So what have we got for PC?

Personal Computer? Pocket Calculator? Do they exist any more? Prince Charming? - song by Adam & The Ants.

Well in this case, it is none of them. I'm talking about Political Correctness! The GENDER WARS!

What's it really all about? And why does it matter? You Tarzan, Me wo-man - Simples! In truth, I should  in that case be a wo-person. Crazy! It is just a word. The gender issue in the workplace has also gone absolutely mad.

You see this political correctness saga is getting out of control and wasting time and energy. Energy that would be better used on learning some P.S – People Skills...

...Shaping behaviour in a positive way -  this will make you radiate like a ball of sunshine and that is important!

Walking down the high-street the other day, I was doing some thinking – always a dangerous thing to do - and I began to feel a bit queer – in truth I don't think I am supposed to say that as I am be contravening political correctness! It's ridiculous! And for someone who likes to talk – just a bit – it's getting very difficult. I was thinking about this issue of PC...

Well anyway, I just happened to pass by the Christian Dior boutique and looking forward to drooling at everything I couldn't afford to buy – and what a disappointment, the windows had nothing but naked... 

And whilst browsing through some CD's in a second-hand shop, over the  in-house system was the English Eurovision Song Contest Winners of 1976 – goodness 1976! The song was 'Save your kisses for me' by Siblinghood-of-Person! (Brotherhood of man)

This is how extreme you can get when PC is ruling the waves.

The battle between male and female gender really does need to be addressed.

As a promoter, I don't care if you are man, woman or beast. What is important is who you are – what you have to say – and the way you get your message across. The main value  to whatever product or service you are selling... is YOU!

We are becoming a very mis-focused society. We are missing the point!

A similar situation happens with the language in both France and Italy. In French I am referring to 'Tu and Vous'  and in Italian 'Tu and Lei'.

Here's the story: Not long after I arrived in France, I went to work in a French Company. And one day I accidentally lost my protocol way.

I was so excited at what I had stumbled on... so I knocked on the door of my Chef's office (the Boss) and entered. I immediately started to demonstrate how the company could save 1000's of euros a month. But before I could say: J'explique... Let me explain... I was bounced out of the office and reprimanded for being dis-respectful – Go Figure! Being 'Tetu' 'Testa Dura' (Stubborn) and not wanting to give up – I wrote an email: asking for forgiveness for being English.

I was invited back to the office – given a promotion – I had a change in title (even though I was the only one in my office...) AND given a €50 rise. Result!

Now that's why I am not a team player but prefer to follow my conviction for the greater good.

To show there's no discrimination Story 2 goes to England:

I worked as a buyer for the research departments at the University of Cambridge. I was waiting in my office for the rep to arrive. My two assistance – both male and senior than I, were both petrified at how Un-PC I was. I will stress that I was never impolite...

Rep arrives and asks for the 'Storeman'... My assistant Bob brought him in and introduced me as 'Anna Fill'.

To say that he fell to pieces was an underestimation. I thought WOW, do I look that good? No he was so petrified in case my reaction to being called 'Storeman' would have serious consequences and he was concerned that I would call in the unions and order a strike and have him castrated. (Ouch!)

He came short of begging: Please I have a wife and two babes to feed – slight exaggeration but honestly, he was petrified that I had been THAT offended and would sue.

It was only after my other assistant Bryan made him a cup of tea with ten sugars, that he settled and we could do the business of the day.

I had the privilege of working with some incredible researchers that made a difference – and my mission was to make their funding stretch as much and as far as possible. I was good but I was about to find out out that I was really good!

I needed to order large quantities of Pure Alcohol. And seizing an opportunity and having done my homework – I was able to get the University the lowest price they had ever paid.

I think under the circumstances, I could have got an even lower price – but I didn't want to be too greedy and Mr rep-man did have wife and two babes to feed. PLUS a brand new Audi Quattro sitting in the forecourt outside!

When buying chemicals on a large scale, you had to have two signatures – so I went to my superior who was astonished at this order – he actually thought there had been a mistake.

When he curiously asked me what I had done to get that? I just said I was just doing my job as a 'StoreMAN'. Advantage Miss Fill.

Now I have 4 keys letters that when you put them together tell you 'less is more' and  anchors harmony with the beat. This is something you 'Pluck' to play: B-A-S-S... Bass!

B - Have Balance and Be Bold...
It has to start with you being balanced and learning what is and is not important and then to be bold in times when your opinion can make a difference. No point in thinking after the fact... I wish I had said that...

A - Acceptance and Advantage over Abuse...
You are who you are... if you don't like something about yourself – you are in the driving seat so change or else accept and make the most of yourself. Taking advantage equals seizing an opportunity but it doesn't give you carte blanche to abuse.

S - Sensitivity and Self Serving...
Be sensitive, think before you speak. You should be able to say what you want and you can achieve this in a diplomatic way. If you are nice – people are generally nice back and in business, it is self-serving. People remember good manners.

S - Sensual and Sophistication...
Use your best assets.., if you've got it flaunt it. Think sex-appeal in a sophisticated way and go for gold. If you are passionate about your service... Ka-ching!

So it is time to PLUCK up the courage to stand up for yourself... we all have a right to be who we are.

PC? Perfectly Charming – it may be old skool but it's Pretty Cool...

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Sunday, 24 June 2012    Section: General Articles    Author: Anna Fill
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