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A Present For You.

Make sure you get a present this December.

Can't believe it's nearly the end of the year, can you? You may already be thinking of cooking and presents (I have a present for you, by the way, so read on…); you may have the family visiting or be travelling to be with your family over the holidays. But I'd like to suggest you give some attention to one important person, YOU!

It's easy to get lost in all the 'doing stuff for others' at Christmas; we women have won medals for it over the years! And the outcome can by fun and really enjoyable (or not) but even so you mustn't lose your focus on you, your life, your career, your business and your future. Once we get to January we will be into goal setting for 2011; some of you may have started already. But if you aren't at that stage yet, then set aside some time to review this year before it is over.

Set aside some time for YOU

Sometime in December -and I would suggest at least once - sit down for 30 minutes uninterrupted time with a pen and paper (and maybe a sherry and a mince pie?). Answer the following questions – think broadly across all areas of your life:

1. What have I achieved in 2010?

2. What are my 3 most significant successes?

3. What am I most proud of from this year?

4. What have I learnt about myself this year?

5. What things would I like to repeat next year?

Keep positive as always – if there are goals you haven't achieved then don't beat yourself up about them, see them merely as information and learning points; don't waste energy on regrets!!

Give yourself a gift

Giving yourself some time away from the mayhem of family and friends is vitally important for your sanity, so take it seriously!

Why not also give yourself a present of something especially pampering? You'll be buying gifts for others so what about allowing yourself a facial or a massage or that new book you've been wanting? Or whatever it is that pleases YOU. You don't need to have money to do this either – you could go out and have a quiet walk along our fabulous coastline or visit a pretty village you've never been to. There are tons of things to do here – the importance is giving yourself time to do them!

Giving to yourself isn't selfish at all as it enables you to be in a better state to look after others if that is what you do – you'll be a better friend, partner, mother, daughter etc for having had some 'me' time. You need to recharge your batteries especially if you've a busy holiday period coming up.

My gift to you

Here's something that is about YOU; why not book a 30 minute coaching session with me on the telephone? In this time we can work on a dilemma you are currently facing and I know you will get to some breakthrough on the issue. You'll come away with some concrete action steps to take to move the issue forward.

Think 30 minutes isn't long enough? Here's a comment I received from Rebecca, a women I coached last week  -
"A 30 minutes session with Kate's efficient and professional approach made me feel like I'd reached answers that would have otherwise taken me much longer to arrive at. This is an invaluable experience that I encourage everyone to consider at those difficult decision cross roads in life."

I'm happy to offer you this gift at Christmas so please take advantage of it!! Go to my online diary and book a time that suits you and we'll speak soon

Happy holidays.


Friday, 26 November 2010    Section: Careers    Author: Kate Cobb
Article tags: career gifts
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