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Chocolato go-go!

When we think of festivals, one of the first to come to mind is the Film Festival in Cannes, which has an amazing history and fascination and attracts a worldwide audience. Glitz, glamour and tapis rouge everywhere you look!

So what other festival could be a crowd puller?

From the 19th to 26th November 2017, CioccolaTò is the famous festival for lovers of chocolate and takes place in Turin every year. The emphasis is on chocolate from the region of Piedmont, famous all around the world. Local restaurants and café bars will have special chocolate dishes, menus and events.

So here we have it... another very good reason to love, visit and remain in Italy: Culture and 'Chocolate'! For those who don't know, Piedmont (Piemonte) is where the chocolate company Ferrero is based and where Nutella was first created.

So what do we know about the history of chocolate in Turin?

In 1678, the house of Savoy, the queen regent, Giovanna Battista, granted the very first chocolate licence ever issued to a man known as Giò Antonio Ari. This was a 6 year licence to sell hot chocolate in Turin. He was an expert chocolate maker, who was even visited by the Swiss, to learn the art of chocolate making. The Swiss later tried to claim they discovered chocolate but it really all started in Italy.

The first chocolate candy, "cioccolattino," was made in Turin in the mid 1800s. It was owing to a shortage of cocoa at that time which inspired the makers to mix cocoa with nuts which are the main ingredients of Nutella. Hazelnuts are abundant in the region and this creation also gave birth to the Gianduja.

The festival CioccolaTò promises to be nothing but a chocolate paradise... You will be able to indulge in all things chocolate: Bars, Cakes, Ice-creams, Liquors, Coffees, Pasta... yes, chocolate pasta! This is just the tip of the chocolate iceberg of what you will experience at the CioccolaTò festival.

There are also hundreds of chocolate shops in Turin, so you have many excuses to enjoy what the chocolate city has to offer. So even if you can't make the festival you still have a very good reason to visit Turin!

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Monday, 20 November 2017    Section: Events
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