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General Articles

How to keep Motivated, Seek Opportunity and Striving to be Successful

Keeping Motivated
"Stay in shape"

You inspire because others aspire to be like you. It is unlikely that a fitness and health instructor will inspire if she is over weight, flabby, badly groomed and coughing and sneezing over her audience – whatever she says! Likewise you need to look the part. If you are aiming to inspire business people you need to dress and groom yourself in an appropriate way. If you are out in the countryside inspiring an outdoor team building course, then it’s unlikely that you’ll be convincing if you turn up looking like something out the “The Devil wears Prada”. If you are trying to inspire women to lose weight you don’t need to be slim but you do need to show that you have lost or are losing those pounds. If you are promoting healthy eating, don’t be caught packing away croissants and a cheeseburger during the coffee break. You are your “story” you are a visual to yourself and those you seek to inspire. Constantly reassess yourself and make the necessary adjustments. Staying fit and healthy will help others around you do the same. Before you know it people will be copying your hairstyle and your clothes. People like and want to believe in better. This is why companies pay huge amounts of money to have celebrities endorse their products. You will also not only look better but feel better yourself which is all part of self-inspiration. You will not inspire others whatever your words say if you are not feeling that you are looking and being the best you possibly can for you. Below par is not going to swing it so shape up and self-endorse!

My tip of the month:

A great source of personal inspiration helping me to stay in shape is my personal trainer (I call him my ‘body manager’) from Befit Monaco ( Coaches also need to be coached and the higher the level you work at the more pressure you will have and the more you will need to stay in shape and tap into the professional skills of those who can help you to achieve that!


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Tuesday, 1 July 2014    Section: General Articles    Author: Judy Churchill
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