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General Articles

How to keep Motivated, Seek Opportunity and Striving to be Successful

Keeping Motivated
"A picture paints a thousand words"

People enjoy stories and the illustrations of those stories, this is why we watch television, read books, have i-pads, smart phones, take selfies and go to the theatre. Much of our own personal inspiration comes from seeing images of ourselves and others doing things, and we then transfer that image and imprint in into our psyche. When making an emotive speech on behalf of the Outward Bound charity, I often use slide shows of previous courses to inspire other youngsters to sign up and show donors how we are helping young people improve their lives. The effort can be seen and felt from the slides or video, the extent and effort of the challenge is there for all to see. Telling someone that an activity is challenging is one thing, but when you show that person photos of a team struggling to control their boat on the open sea or a youngster going beyond his comfort zone while attempting to abseil, they get the message.

Therefore when endeavouring to inspire others, use a certain number of visual representations. We take in information through our five senses, yet when talking to people you are really only tapping into the audio sense. Most people have a large visual component that they use to process information much faster than audio. Pictures speak to the emotions and those emotions prompt people to take action, which in turn leads to a result. That is why advertising through pictorial representation is so effective. If you really want to inspire others to take action, help them produce a video in their minds and visualise the results. Seeing is believing!

My tip of the month:

To inspire people and fast track to their emotional brain, speak less and show more images. This will speed up the absorption process. Use pictorial representation to tap into people’s imagination and trigger their mind’s eye.


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Thursday, 1 May 2014    Section: General Articles    Author: Judy Churchill
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